How Sponsorship Works

Participating in the sponsorship program allows the IS Associates to make a larger number of events and additional services available to a larger number of people from Associate member companies and without charging members registration fees for events. For sponsoring companies, the program provides an opportunity to gain additional visibility within the community served by the UCLA IS Associates. 

Sponsors are recognized for one year, starting with the sponsored event.  We will have no more than two sponsors for each event.
Each sponsor will receive the following benefits before and during the sponsored event:

What Sponsorship Includes:

  • Up to four (4) company representatives in attendance of the sponsoring event (unlimited if you are a member organization) 
  • A non-sponsoring company “guest” of your choice (some companies may choose to bring a client) 
  • Dinner for up to 2 company representatives after the event (a table of 8 if sponsoring the Executive Leadership Award dinner). 
  • Company name and logo displayed on the IS Associates website for up to 1 year after the event 
  • Company name and logo displayed in all event marketing materials 
  • Introduction at the event 
  • Display of printed or informational marketing materials, such as brochures or white papers, or self-­‐standing banners to the event
    (Note: banners or other materials cannot be hung on walls)
All sponsorship gifts are eligible for tax deduction through the UC Foundation.  Organizations may request a W-­‐9 if required.


We believe all Associates members will benefit from our sponsorship program. Any IS Associates member organization interested in sponsoring should email: UCLA IS Associates