2018 Chair's Message

February 19, 2018

Information Technology (IT).  This term, this domain, this profession has evolved exponentially changing our habits, our experiences, and our society as a whole. 

We are living in a time where science fiction has become science fact.  We are talking into speakers that provide us real-time updates on news and traffic. Our phones are learning our habits, they are asking us if we are going to work, and they are plotting the quickest path through traffic gridlock. Our vehicles are driving themselves avoiding obstacles, contacting our insurance carrier when there is a collision, and setting up your ride-share to the nearest car rental agency.  Our homes adjusts the climate control based on the number of occupants in the room, texting your watch an image of the front door when a delivery has been made, and shutting off your water if it detects a leak while you are on vacation 9 time zones away.

IT is disrupting longstanding industries by optimizing and capitalizing untapped capacity making a pay-as-you-go economy.  Today apps that allow access to someone’s backseat for a couple miles or their homes for a couple of days are valued in the billions.  Yes a tech company a decade old with no assets on the books are valued more than corporations by harnessing the power of information.  

So what does this all mean to CIOs and other IT professionals? Opportunity.  Opportunity to find greater efficiencies through kaizen. Opportunity to find new revenue through innovation.  Opportunity to connect and this is where the IS Associates creates value. My predecessor and good friend, Jim Rinaldi stated it best. IS Associates represents a forum where IT professionals can meet and attend enlightening programs to better understand emerging technologies, network with one another, compare notes, and challenge conventional thinking.”

IS Associates has a rich history and is associated to an academic institution that sent one of the first internet messages in 1969. As with IT over the last half century, the IS Associates has proven its ability as an organization to stay current and focus on the important and innovative aspects of IT.

As the Executive Board Chair for 2018, I am humbled and honored to be a member of this exceptional organization. IS Associates has a noble purpose to enlighten and connect students, companies, government agencies, and the broader Southern California community.  This mission is delivered via collaborative and informative forums and events that promote Information Technology. 

On behalf of the IS Associates Board, I welcome you to the 2018 year and encourage you to join us on this exciting journey. We got IT! 

Ron Guerrier
2018 Chairman, Innovate@UCLA
CIO, Farmers Insurance