How To Join

How Membership Works

Membership in the Associates is an organizational one.  Programs are designed not only for the senior “key contact”, usually the CIO or senior provider manager, but also for direct reports, business peers and other employees of the organization who can benefit from them.  Memberships are annual, either for a calendar year or for a “mid-year” (July-June).  Membership in the IS Associates is company-based (not individual-based), and an unlimited number of employees within each member company may be invited to attend most Associates events.

Why Join?

Executives, information technology professionals, and educators are constantly challenged to understand and deploy emerging technology.  The UCLA IS Associates, one of the premier programs of its kind since 1978, is a forum to assist these people in meeting these challenges.  Consisting of senior information technology representatives from business and government organizations, the IS Associates helps its members maintain awareness of the latest IT management and leadership trends, offers an opportunity to interface with UCLA’s highly respected faculty and students, provides access to ongoing educational programs and classes, and establishes a collegial environment for personal networking.  IS Associates is affiliated with, managed by and staffed by the UCLA Office of Information Technology with ongoing programs developed and directed by a members Executive Board.  Elected by the membership, the Executive Board insures the viability and appropriateness of the activities of the organization. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Educational programs on the UCLA campus for as many employees of the member organization as can benefit from attending.  These programs deal with current technology management and leadership issues that are important to senior technology executives, feature external ‘expert’ speakers and provide both a high level perspective and an excellent opportunity for ongoing management development.  There are three of these programs planned annually.  In addition to the educational content, these programs offer extensive opportunities for personal networking.
  • Networking programs on the UCLA campus with educational content for the senior member representatives.  There are two of these programs planned each year.  One is the annual networking event with our world-class students involving a panel discussion from IT leaders.  The second is the annual award dinner for a senior executive, usually a CEO, who has demonstrated unusual support for the IT function.  The program features a talk by the executive that offers insights on the role of IT in the organization.
  • Other Programs. The IS Associates is a Hosting Partner for the annual Southern California CIO Executive Summit, and all Associates CIOs, regardless of organization size, are eligible to attend.  In addition, IS Associates hosts an annual program, called the “CIO Exchange,” which is a round-table for IS Associates CIOs only.
  • Access to UCLA people, activities and programs.  This can include students and faculty from various departments across the UCLA campus. Additionally, there are IS Associates discounts available for some of the appropriate offerings from the UCLA Anderson School Executive Education Program.

For more information about joining UCLA IS Associates, please contact us at