IS Associates Newly Formed Young Tech Professionals Student Group

IS Associates has recently formed a student led committee called Young Tech Professionals (YTP). The purpose of this committee is to organize workshops to teach current UCLA students, business skills that are necessary to succeed in tech industry internships and profession. The students designed the flyer and originated the concept of "Business Skills in Tech" bootcamp. The first workshop in the series is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th.

The student members of the committee are:

  • Tem Gareys, Statistics '19
  • Sanjana Giduthuri, Statistics '20
  • Renee Hsu, Congnitive Science with Speciliaztion in Computing '20
  • Carolynn Nguyen, Economics '19
  • Devin Reeh, Statistics '19

The industry liaisions are:

  • Anne Goodman, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Maher Yassine, Farmers Insurance

UCLA Office of Information Technology liaisions are:

  • Davida Johnson, Managing Director
  • Raffi Simonian, ISA Program Manager

Please visit the YTP Facebook page here.