2019 Fall Quarter Young Tech Professionals Tech Bootcamp Kickoff on Wednesday, October 16

Bruin Young Tech Professionals (YTP) is a community of UCLA Students, staff, and Industry tech professionals who collaborate together for professional development,  incubation of ideas, and industry networking opportunities for undergraduate & graduate students interested in careers in tech.  Our mission is to bridge the skills gap between students and industry through hands-on tech opportunities and workshops. Only 21 students will be admitted to the program. So far we have close to 50 graduate and undergraduate applicants.

The Focus of the Fall Bootcamp is to educate students on how to solve one of 3 "social good" problems (homelessness, food safety, fire incident data analysis) in partnership with County of Los Angeles. Using Google Ventures Design Thinking framework, the students will learn the required steps to produce a real outcome benefiting the local community.

They will learn how to:

  1. Understand the problem they are trying to solve, and define feasible solutions
  2. Create the initial structure through wireframes and storyboards
  3. Prototype, test, and validate the idea (such as a mobile app, or algorithm producing data insights using real data, or combination of both)
  4. Build the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to gain feedback

All sessions will be coached by seasoned industry professionals. Past industry leaders included Google, Oracle, mobileforming LLC, Bixel Exchange, Fox Corporation and many more. At the end of the workshop, a demo day will be scheduled for participants to showcase their projects.